• Micro Focus provides the leading modernization solutions for enterprise applications in an addressable market of $6.4 billion.

    The Group’s three interlinked software product categories meet business requirements to reduce costs and improve productivity.

    Increasing demand from a large and expanding global customer base provides a platform for sustainable and profitable revenue growth to drive superior total shareholder returns going forward.

  • Australia
    Micro Focus doubled its revenues in Australia in FY2010, increasing licence revenues nearly 70%

  • India
    Micro Focus opened its Indian operations only recently and saw significant growth in this new market, generating revenues in excess of $5 million in FY2010

  • Germany
    Revenues in Germany more than doubled in FY2010, with a quadrupling of licence revenues

  • Nordics
    Micro Focus operations in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden increased revenues by 40% in FY2010

  • Iberia
    Despite a very strong year in FY2009 in Spain and Portugal, Micro Focus doubled its revenues in the region in FY2010

  • Japan
    Ninth consecutive year of revenue growth, more than 40% increase on FY2009

  • North America
    In North America in FY2010 Micro Focus generated approximately $20 million in revenues from larger value Modernization & Migration transactions. Larger value transactions are each in excess of $500,000

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